ISSUE 1 (February)

Freitag, Duane H. and Robert A. Elmer. "The Planting of New Bilten."

Swiss-American Historical Society. Review. Feb2008, Vol. 44 Issue 1, p3-44. 42p.


Abstract: The farming region of New Bilten, Wisconsin, was settled in 1847 by 16 Swiss immigrant families, who created a colony, farmed the land and, by 1860, began making cheese on a large commercial scale. The article includes brief genealogical information on the Becker and Blum families, who were most prominent in the New Bilten area.

Koelsch, William A. “Three Friends of Swiss-American Science: Louis Agassiz, Arnold Guyot, and Cornelius C. Felton.”

Swiss-American Historical Society. Review. Feb2008, Vol. 44 Issue 1, p45-59. 15p.


Abstract: Discusses the professional lives and scientific contributions of Swiss immigrants Louis Agassiz (1807-73) and Arnold Guyot (1807-84), and American educator Cornelius C. Felton (1807-62), all of whom were colleagues and friends. Agassiz is known as the founding father of the modern American scientific tradition and a scholar of glaciers. Guyot also studied glaciers, and his meteorological observations led to the establishment of the US Weather Bureau. Felton, who translated many of Guyot's American lectures, served as regent of the Smithsonian Institution and president of Harvard College.

Blesi, Wayne C. "The Family Blesi: Swiss Pioneers of Old Minnesota."

Swiss-American Historical Society. Review. Feb2008, Vol. 44 Issue 1, p60-74. 15p.


Abstract:  Traces the history of the New Schwanden, Minnesota, area since 1853. The author highlights the contributions to the settlement and development of the Swiss immigrant community by his extended family and their friends, discussing service in the Civil War, local churches, and cemeteries, and providing brief anecdotes of residents' experiences over the last century and a half.

ISSUE 2 (June)

Joris, Elisabeth, Margot Ammann Durrer and Leo Schelbert, "Iris von Roten – The Work – The Author."

Swiss-American Historical Society. Review. Jun2008, Vol. 44 Issue 2, p7-14. 8p.


Abstract: In 1996 a special edition of Iris von Roten's Frauen im Laufgitter [Women in the playpen] (1958) was published. This article served as the postscript to this edition, providing a description of the initial reactions to the book and a summary of the author's life.

Wecker, Regina. "Iris von Roten as a Feminist: Observations, Interpretations, and Impact of Frauen im Laufgitter."

Swiss-American Historical Society. Review. Jun2008, Vol. 44 Issue 2, p15-27. 13p.


Abstract: Provides a summary of the main points of Iris von Roten's Frauen im Laufgitter [Women in the playpen] (1958) and discusses the initial intense negative reactions to the book's publication, subsequent recognition by the 1980's of the foresight shown by Roten, and her impact on Swiss society.

Roten, Hortensia von and Leo Schelbert. "Iris von Roten as Artist: Introduction to Blumenblicke."

Swiss-American Historical Society. Review. Jun2008, Vol. 44 Issue 2, p28-32. 5p.


Abstract: Written by Iris von Roten's daughter, Hortensia, this article was originally published as the introduction to Blumenblicke (1993), a book resulting from the planned catalog for an exhibit of Roten's paintings in Zurich at the Gallery of Roswitha Haftmann in spring 1998. The article describes Roten's love of drawing and painting the world of flowers.

Villiger, Laura. "Iris von Roten as Partner."

Swiss-American Historical Society. Review. Jun2008, Vol. 44 Issue 2, p33-37. 5p.


Abstract: Reviews Wilfried Meichtry's Verliebte Feinde, Iris und Peter von Roten (2007), a biography of the couple Iris and Peter von Roten, based on their intense correspondence between 1943 and 1949, when the first draft of her Frauen im Laufgitter (1958) was completed, and details their intense up-and-down relationship, opposition to her from his family, her unwillingness to convert or adjust to her new setting, their open relationship, and her sabbatical to the United States.

Durrer, Margot Ammann. "Equal Rights – American Style."

Swiss-American Historical Society. Review. Jun2008, Vol. 44 Issue 2, p38-48. 11p.


Abstract: Discusses US women's attempts to obtain equality through suffrage from colonial times to the 1920's, when the 19th amendment was ratified and then through other means from 1963 with the publication of 'The Feminine Mystique,' the founding of the National Organization of Women in 1970, and further agitation through the rest of the 20th century and into the 21st century.

Schelbert, Leo. "Sisters in Battle: Five Portraits."

Swiss-American Historical Society. Review. Jun2008, Vol. 44 Issue 2, p49-63. 15p.


Abstract: Provides in-depth biographical information of six Swiss women instrumental in the women's equal rights movement in Switzerland: Marie Goegg-Pouchoulin (1826-99), Helene von Mülinen (1850-1924), Emma Pieczynska-Reichenbach (1854-1927), Emilie Kempin-Spyri (1853-1901), Meta von Salis-Marschlins (1855-1929), and Gertrud Heinzelmann (1914-99).

Schelbert, Leo. "Swiss Women’s Suffrage Debated: Two Examples."

Swiss-American Historical Society. Review. Jun2008, Vol. 44 Issue 2, p64-73. 10p.


Abstract: Two primary documents provide a response to proposed women's suffrage in Switzerland. The first provides various responses from members of the Swiss National Council in December 1945 during a parliamentary debate, and the second is a response written in 1966 by Zurich theologian Arthur Rich to a circular distributed by the Anti-Women's Suffrage Action Committee of the Women of Zurich.

Schelbert, Leo. "Selected Bibliographical Titles since Frauen im Laufgitter."

Swiss-American Historical Society. Review. Jun2008, Vol. 44 Issue 2, p74-79. 6p.


Abstract: Presents a brief bibliography of works published in English, French, and German on the fight for equal rights for women in Switzerland published since Iris von Roten's Frauen im Laufgitter [Women in the playpen] (1958). Most of the works were published in the 1990's.

ISSUE 3 (November) 

Winkler, Albert. "The Battle of Morgarten in 1315: An Essential Incident in the Founding of the Swiss State."

Swiss-American Historical Society. Review. Jun2008, Vol. 44 Issue 3, p3-25. 23p.


Abstract: The article discusses the 1315 Battle of Morgarten, in which the early Swiss Confederation, consisting of the states of Uri, Schwyz, and Unterwalden fended off an attack by forces from the house of Habsburg led by Duke Leopold I of Austria. The social and political development of the Swiss up to the early 14th century is discussed, as is the battle and its importance as a victory of free peasants over the Habsburg knights, allowing the continued development of Swiss independence within the Holy Roman Empire.

Markus ImhoofThe Boat is Full: Swiss Asylum Denied.

[Book Review by Richard Hacken
Swiss American Historical Society Review. Nov2008, Vol. 44 Issue 3, p26-29. 

Independent Commission of Experts Switzerland - Second World War, Switzerland, National Socialism and the Second World War: Final Report.

[Book Review by Joy Laudie
Swiss American Historical Society Review. Nov2008, Vol. 44 Issue 3, p30-33. 

Leon EdelJames Joyce: The Last Journey.

[Book Review by Robert Means
Swiss American Historical Society Review. Nov2008, Vol. 44 Issue 3, p34-37. 4p. 

Thomas MooreSchool for Genius - The Story of the ETH, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, from 1855 to the Present.

[Book Review by Heinrich A. Medicus
Swiss American Historical Society Review. Nov2008, Vol. 44 Issue 3, p38-40. 3p. 

H. T. Willotts, trans., Solzhenitsyn's Lenin in Zürich Reconsidered.

[Book Review by Axel Fair-Schulz and Katherine French
Swiss American Historical Society Review. Nov2008, Vol. 44 Issue 3, p41-47. 7p. 


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