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1932 to the present. See here for access.

Books of the Swiss American Historical Society: Programs


1) Prominent Americans of Swiss Origins. A Compilation Prepared by the Swiss American Historical Society. (New York: James T. White, 1932).

2) John Paul von Grüningen, ed. The Swiss in the United States. (Madison, Wisconsin: Swiss American Historical Society, 1940).



3) Alfred Senn, ed., The Swiss Record. Yearbook of the Swiss-American Historical Society. (Madison, Wisconsin, 1949).

4) Alfred Senn, ed., The Swiss Record. Yearbook of the Swiss-American Historical Society. Vol. II. (Madison, Wisconsin, 1950).

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Books of the Swiss American Historical Society: Programs


5) Heinz K. Meier, ed., Memoirs of a Swiss Officer in the American Civil War. [Rudolf Aschmann, 1841-1909]. Translated by Hedwig Rappolt. (Bern, Switzerland: Herbert Lang, 1972).

6) Heinz K. Meier, The Swiss American Historical Society, 1927 – 1977. (Norfolk, Virginia: Donning, 1977).

7) Paul A. Nielson, Swiss Genealogical Research. An Introductory Guide. (Virginia Beach/Norfolk, Virginia: Donning, 1979).

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8) Carol Williams, The Switzers. A Novel. (Virginia Beach/Norfolk, Virginia: Donning, 1981).

9) Hedwig Rappolt, ed. and transl. An American Apprenticeship. The Letters of Emil Frey 1860–1865. (New York: Peter Lang, 1986).

Books of the Swiss American Historical Society: Programs
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10) David Sutton, One’s Hearth Is Like Gold. A History of Helvetia, West Virginia. (New York: Peter Lang, 1990).

11) Leo Schelbert, ed., The United States and Switzerland: Aspects of an Enmeshment. Vol. 25: Yearbook of German American Studies. (Lawrence, Kansas: University of Kansas, 1991).

12) Laura R. Villiger and Mari Sandoz. A Study in Post-Colonial Discourse. (New York: Peter Lang, 1994).

13) Donald Tritt, ed. Swiss Festivals in North America 1995–1997. (Chicago: Swiss American Historical Society, 1995).

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14) Konrad Basler, The Dorlikon Emigrants. Swiss Settlers and Cultural Founders in the United States. A Personal Report. Translated by Laura Villiger. (New York: Peter Lang,1996).

15) Hafis Bertschinger, With a Horse Called George along the Oregon Trail. (Pocatello, Idaho: Idaho State University Press, 1996).

16) Gary K. Pranger, Philip Schaff (1819 – 1893). Portrait of an Immigrant Theologian. (New York: Peter Lang, 1997).

17) Andrea Boldt, Werner Enninger, and Delbert Gratz, eds., Mennonites in Transition. From Switzerland to America. Emigrant and Immigrant Experience. Anabaptist Documents. (Morgantown, Pennsylvania: Masthof Press, 1997).

18) Urspeter Schelbert, ed. and comp., SAHS Index 1965 – 1998. Vol. 33,3: SAHS Review. (Morgantown, Pennsylvania: Masthof Press, 1999).

19) Donald Tritt, ed., Swiss Festivals: A Resource Guide. (Morgantown, Pennsylvania: Masthof Press, 1999).

20) Carol Williams, By Wonders and By War. A Novel. (Morgantown, Pennsylvania: Masthof Press, 1999).

Books of the Swiss American Historical Society: Programs
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21) Leo Schelbert, ed., Switzerland under Siege, 1939 – 1945. A Neutral Nation’s Struggle for Survival. (Rockport, Maine: Picton Press in cooperation with the American Swiss Foundation of New York, 2001).

22) Carol Williams, Brightness Remembered. (Rockport, Maine: Picton Press, 200)1.

23) Ernest Albert Thürkauf, One Small Lifetime. Revised edition, ed. Ernest Thurston. (Rockport, Maine: Picton Press, 2003).

24) Lewis B. Rohrbach, Genealogical Research in Switzerland. An Introductory Guide. (Rockport, Maine: Picton  Press, 2005).

25) Ernst Rüedi, The Ammann Family of Schaffhausen, Switzerland, 1450-1950. (Rockport, Maine: Picton Press, 2005).

26) A Genealogy of the Othmar Ammann Genealogy. Ed. Margot Ammann Durrer. (Rockport, Maine: Picton Press, 2006).

27) Leo Lesquereux, Letters from America, 1853. Biography by Donald Tritt; translated by  H. Dwight Page; edited by Wendy Everham. (Rockport, Maine: Picton Press, 2006).

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28) Jakob Otto Wyss (1846–1927), Postmaster in Klau. Letters from California. Pit Wyss and Paul Hugger, eds.; translation by H. Dwight Page. (Rockland, Maine: Picton Press, 2007).

29) Brigitte and Eugen Bachmann-Geiser, Amish. The Way of Life of the Amish in Berne, Indiana. (Rockland, Maine: Picton Press, 2009).

30) Susann Bosshard-Kälin, Westward. Encounters with Swiss American Women. Postscript by Leo Schelbert. (Swiss American Historical Society and Musée des Suisses dans le monde, 2010). German edition: Westwärts. Begegnungen mit Amerika-Schweizerinnen. (with 2 CDs). (Bern: eFeF Verlag, 2nd. edition 2010).

31) Konrad Basler, The Dorlikon Emigrants. Swiss Settlers and Founders in the United States: A Personal Report. Trans. by Laura Villiger, translator, expanded and ed. by Max Hilfiker. (Swiss American Historical Society, 2010).

[Special issue of SAHS Review 46, 3 (November 2010): 1–90.]

Books of the Swiss American Historical Society: Programs
Colourful Pile of Old Books


32) Philip Wilson, Arnold Guyot. (Swiss American Historical Society, 2012 [?]).

33) Susann Bosshard Kälin and Leo Schelbert.  Emigrant Paths: Encounters with 20th  Century Swiss Americans. (Morgantown, Pennsylvania: Swiss American Historical Society, 2013).



34) H. Dwight Page, The Swiss Presence in the History of Tennessee.
(Morgantown, Pennsylvania: Masthof Press, 2016).

35) Manuel Menrath, Mission Sitting Bull: The Cultural Conquest of the Sioux and their Varied Response. 
(Morgantown, PA: Swiss American Historical Society, 2017).

36) Susann Bosshard Kälin, Leo Schelbert and Heinz NauerEinsiedeln Elsewhere: Immigrants and their Descendants in Louisville, Kentucky.
(Morgantown, Pennsylvania: Swiss American Historical Society, 2018).

37) Albert Winkler, The Germans and Swiss at the Battle of the Little Bighorn 1876. 
(Morgantown, Pennsylvania: Swiss American Historical Society, 2018).

[Special issue of SAHS Review 54, 3 (November 2018): 1–103.]

38) Leo Schelbert, Switzerland Abroad. Historical Contours of a National's People Global Presence
(Morgantown, Pennsylvania: Swiss American Historical Society, 2019).

Books of the Swiss American Historical Society: Programs
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