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The Swiss American Historical Society (SAHS) would like to announce a call for papers for the Leo Schelbert  Prize in Swiss/Swiss-American History.  Each calendar year, the Swiss American Historical Society will award a prize to the best paper in one of two levels –Undergraduate, and Graduate.

The topic for the paper is open as long as it fits into the larger mission of the SAHS, that being of increasing the understanding of Swiss and Swiss-American History.

General outlines:
1.       The length should be as follows
a.      Undergraduate – 10-20 pages
b.      Graduate – 15-25 pages

2.      All submissions need to be properly formatted and cited using either MLA or Chicago Manual Style.

3.      Papers without citations will not be accepted for review.

4.       Papers may not have been previously published.

5.      Papers must be submitted by June 1 each year for consideration for the awards.

6.      Submission must be in either Microsoft Word or PDF format.

7.      Submissions must be in English.

8.      Award recipients will be recognized at the annual Swiss American Historical Society Meeting as well as have their papers published in a future edition of the Swiss American Historical Society Review.

We welcome all participants.  Please direct questions and submissions to:
Robert Sherwood

Leo Shelbert Prize: About Us
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